Vector vs Raster…  two very different digital file formats used in designing and fabricating your custom signs.

Vector based files are ALWAYS the preferred file format for vinyl graphics signage.  These types of vector graphics files are typically created in Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, and a handful of other applications

Preferred Vector file formats: 

Be sure to convert all type to outlines.

Adobe Illustrator  (.ai)
EPS  (.eps)
PDF  (.pdf)

Preferred Raster file formats:

File should be at 100 ppi or higher at actual sign size.

TIFF  (.tif)
Adobe Photoshop  (.psd)
JPEG  (.jpg)

Files not meeting these criteria may be subject to additional artwork charges.  We can also scan and recreate your original artwork at additional cost.

File formats that are generally NOT usable in the signmaking process:

Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Publisher
(although if we’re making a sign with a lot of text, we can copy text from any MS Office file into our signmaking software)

GIF or JPEG files taken from your website.  Web graphics are designed to be displayed on screen, therefore the resolution is too low for larger printing.